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Adventure Quest worlds Secret and dragonfable strongest weapon

Theres a secret that i can’t tell in AQ worlds and i can’t tell it to you but only members and the ones I know.

It is a place but theres a very special weapon in it you will get water or fire it is a staff one place is swordhaven

chapter 1 the next one is river/shallow.Staffs can be sold for alot of gold but wave cutter is sold for 12500

gold everyone is after that weapon i think i am right because it is sold for alot of gold.

Dragonfable’s strongest weapon

The strongest weapon in dragonfable is the blade of awe you can have it in dragonfable ones you have it in

Adventure quest it is level 40.

Gabriel Wong

An introduction by Gabriel Wong

Hi Kieran Lim and friends. You are on my website. You are welcome to look around and please make a comment or two, and visit often. Thank you, from Gabriel Wong 2 Anthony. About dragonfable I’m already a level 15 warrior. I have a weapon that the dragonlord uses on dragonfable. The video element is water but no lightning seen on the sword. it is level 21